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Essentials Stretchy Range Long Sleeve Top


The Essentials Stretchy Range must-have for any girl, wear under your favourite garment or just as it is. 

  • Dress up or down, it's versatile, comfortable and cool!
  • Relaxed to a 30% comfortable stretch fit
  • Three Sizes Available (6 to 26plus) that fits everyone
  • Material 100% Rayon

All size charts are at relaxed measurement sizes and stretch to up to 30%. 

1: (Get this one if you are a size 6 to 14)
Shoulder: 37cm / Bust: 82cm / Waist: 78cm / Hip: 84cm / Sleeve: 51cm / Length: 62cm
2: (Get this one if you are a size 14 to 18)
Shoulder: 39cm / Bust: 92cm / Waist: 86cm / Hip: 106cm / Sleeve: 56cm / Length: 65cm
3: (Get this one if you are a size 18 to 26plus)
Shoulder: 44cm / Bust: 118m / Waist: 112cm / Hip: 136cm / Sleeve: 60cm / Length: 68cm

If you haven't tried Rayon before, I guarantee it'll be your best friend. 

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