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What makes us 'Ethical'?

The way we treat our team! Our Sew Good Team is made up of women from Australia, and Cambodia. Each and every one of us as much invested in the company as the other. 

Our company prides itself on offering generous salaries, free health care, free family education and interest free loans to our Cambodian team, with so many opportunities for different training and to advance within the business. All Sew Good team members are paid, overtime, maternity leave, sick days & bonuses - workplace practices unheard of in Cambodia.

In Nepal we work directly with small family run businesses, that are driven by women. They dictate the prices, hours and business expectations. 

Why is it better to buy 'Ethical'?

When people are treated fairly and are respected, generally the overall product is of better quality. Our team love their jobs and always strive to provide you with the best quality clothing and customer service possible. You can also sleep easy knowing that your purchases have actually helped a family in Cambodia or Nepal to put food on their table, or send their child to university, or buy their family a new house or motorbike. You can feel good, because you're doing a good thing and receiving a beautiful quality item in return.

Are we a charity?

No, we are not. We are a sustainable social enterprise. We apply commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human well-being, and have a high positive social impact. We want to succeed in business, to prove to others that there is a better why of doing things! Generally business is most concerned about making profit, but making profit doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cause social or environmental harm. We want our business to grow, the more we succeed, the more women we can employ and empower, the more children we can put through school, the more lives we can change for the better!

We do however support and work closely with the Cambodian Kids Foundation, an amazing Not for Profit, NGO we think everyone should support!

Can I volunteer for you in Cambodia?

Although we don't normally take volunteers, we are always open to working with people who believe they can add value to our company. You can email us to discuss.

How do I become a stockist?

We only stock to businesses that are or similar values and ethics to us, if you're interested in stocking our products please send us an email and we can begin a conversation, we will want to come meet you and see your store, but if we believe it will be a good relationship than we will happily wholesale our products to you.

What materials are used? 

We use Rayon Variants in all of our Sew Good Classics & Summer ranges. Our Winter Range is a Wool & Acrylic Blend threaded through a Cotton Weave. Our Woodland Collection is 100% Cotton.

What are the benefits of Rayon?

Rayon’s cellulosic base contributes many properties similar to those of cotton or other natural cellulosic fibres. Rayon is moisture absorbent (more so than cotton), breathable, comfortable to wear, and easily dyed in vivid colours. It does not build up static electricity, nor will it pill. Rayon’s cellulosic base contributes many properties similar to those of cotton or other natural cellulosic fibres. Rayon is comfortable, soft to the skin, and has moderate dry strength and abrasion resistance.

Not sure of the fit?

We are available to help with any sizing and fit questions you may have.
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