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Meet Phean ( and Phen Phen)

Pattern creator & cutter.

Phean is an important woman within The Sew Good Company. Phean will cut the pattern and do the sewing of any new design we want to create. She will then teach the other women how to cut and sew those particular designs, once the others have it down perfect she will move on to creating the pattern for the next new design.  Phean was taught how to sew by her sister when she was 16 years old, she is one of the only women that owns a sewing machine. 

Before Phean worked with The Sew Good Company she was a roof tiler, she used to get sick from the conditions in the tile factory and illness spread quickly there as lots of people were unable to visit the doctors or were carriers of tuberculosis. All our team have health tests throughout the year to make sure they are healthy and any illnesses that arise are treated by our free healthcare program that we provide for all the women and their families. 

Phean is such a cheerful woman with a cheeky sense of humour, she is always laughing or making other people laugh which helps to create a really beautiful and fun working environment for the team. On behalf of Phean and the entire Sew Good Company we would like to thank you for buying ethical and shopping Sew Good, as well as supporting women with visions and goals and big dreams for their families futures!

Meet Srey Roth ( and Lily)

33 years, Seamstress

Srey Roth is a true fighter in every sense. 10 years ago both her parents passed away leaving her by herself until she met her husband. Together they now have their own beautiful family, with 3 children under the age of 6. When her second child Lily was born, Srey Roth suffered from severe haemorrhaging, luckily we were able to get her to the hospital just in time, and she has now made a full recovery.

Srey Roth’s children go to school everyday and she enjoys unlimited breaks to visit them and breastfeed her little one. Srey Roth used to work in a garment factory in town and was treated horribly and paid next to nothing, she couldn’t earn enough money for her family so her husband had to move to Thailand for better work.

Since working with Sew Good Srey Roth’s husband has moved back home to help her with the family, she is so proud that she is now able to be there everyday for her children and is able to bring them up with full bellies and in a safe and loving home.

Srey Roth is self taught pattern making and sewing extraordinaire and she often takes the ideas and turns them in to a finished product before going on and teaching the other women how to cut and sew that particular item.

On behalf of Srey Roth and the entire Sew Good Company we would like to thank you for buying ethical and shopping Sew Good. Together we are bettering peoples lives and making the fashion world a better place.

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